Feb. 12th, 2019

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Welcome to Response Centre 45, the repository of mission reports written by Trojie and Pads.

We spork bad slash, bad het, mpreg and anything else that misuses biology. In this handy-dandy menu you will therefore find the adventures of Agents Trojie and Pads of the Department of Bad Slash, Agents Gypsy and Cray of the Division of Bad Het, Agents Veridian and Stevius of the Department of Character Protective Services, Agents Lasa and Mombi of the Department of Angst, and Agents Oscar and Iza of the Division of Mpreg.

Almost every PPC mission recorded here is at least rated M and more usually R. This is because we specialise in sporking smutfic, usually that which is rated NC-17, out of some misguided sense that we have to use our powers of unsquickableness for good, and with base material like that, even if we take out the worst excerpts, the end product is not going to be much lower rated. It is probably a good idea to assume that most missions are NSFW.

What is the PPC, we hear you ask? Well:

The Context )

And who, exactly are we to judge badfic? How do we judge it?
The Charges )

Department of Bad Slash Missions )


The CMO's Daughter (cowritten by Trojie and [personal profile] sedri and starring Agent Sedri and Trojie's adopted daughter Marsha)
Wellington PPC Gathering 2008


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