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Title: First Time
Rating: NC-17 - dub-con, mentions of spousal rape, dubelube.
Obligatory linkage: http://community.livejournal.com/narnia_slash/399593.html
Sporked by: [livejournal.com profile] agenttrojie and [livejournal.com profile] tea_fiend, as Veridian and Stevius
Notes: This fic is another one of those really, really disturbing ones we take on. If dub-con disturbs you, please don't read on. This fic basically involves a terrified Skandar being relieved of his virginity by an oblivious Ben Barnes. The author appears to think that a) the smaller guy automatically bottoms, and b) it's somehow romantic to be horrifically frightened of sex and yet still go through with it. We'd rather like to smack her around and then send her to therapy for the obvious problems she has.

April 2009 HST

Veridian and Stevius were doing some pre-dancing stretches in their Response Centre when the Console let out a warning BIP!

'It's bein' a bit cautious, isn't it?' said 'Ridian, getting up and rolling his neck before going over to it.

'Perhaps it doesn't want to incur your wrath,' said Stevius sarcastically. 'What horrors is it inflicting on us this time, and how familiar with the anatomy of Mr Keynes are we going to be by the end of it?'

'Sweet buggerin' hell,' breathed 'Ridian, dropping into the chair by the console.

'Very familiar, then,' said Stevius, getting up and grabbing their bag of supplies. 'I'm almost starting to wish for some femmeslash, just so that I no longer have to suffer your apparent delusion that you are in fact Mr Keynes's rabidly over-protective mother.'

'Look, you ... goat. Shut up,' said 'Ridian, turning a stunning shade of mauve.

'Don't call me a goat!'

'Well, stop goin' on about Skandar.'

Stevius opened his mouth, shut it again, and glared. 'This,' he said, 'is not getting us anywhere.'

'Agreed.' 'Ridian folded his arms.

'Shall we get on with it?'


It was but the work of a moment to have them both kitted out in standard World One attire, and a moment more to open a portal. Stevius shook a leg disconsolately.

'I shall never get used to these knees,' he said, before pulling himself together and hopping through the portal. 'Ridian, bell in hand, followed him, muttering curses under his breath.

They found themselves in generic greyness, in which the thoughts of Skandar Keynes reverberated. Apparently, he was just a little bit frightened. Of his co-star, Ben Barnes.

'Do I detect the putrid odour of dubious consent?' Stevius asked, wrinkling his nose and beginning the charge-list.

'I hope not,' 'Ridian said, watching carefully. A disembodied hand had just grasped young Skandar's, although fortunately the rest of the body of Ben Barnes materialised, at the prompting of the Words, a moment later. 'Looks like they're goin' out,' he added.

'Is there any hint of backstory on the horizon?'


'Charging,' Stevius said with a sigh. A moment later, William Moseley and Anna Popplewell also popped into existence.

'Ridian suddenly made a face. 'Charge for tryin' to set up angst by having Willmo be Skandar's ex, as well, please.'


'I really hope this isn't goin' where it looks like it's goin',' 'Ridian added, narrowing his eyes at the sentence 'Tonight, Ben would finallly make Skandar his.'

Stevius looked up at the tableau of Will and Anna glaring at a mildly smug-looking Ben and a nervous Skandar. 'Apparently, Miss Popplewell and Mr Moseley are aware that tonight, Mr Barnes will be divesting Mr Keynes of his virginity. And are displeased.'


'Your incoherency somehow gets to the heart of the matter,' said Stevius wearily. 'Argh sums it up nicely.'

'There's just so much wrong with this situation that I dunno where to even start...'

'Miss Popplewell giving Mr Barnes a lecture about safe sexual practices, perhaps,' Stevius said. 'The man's twenty-eight. I rather think he's familiar with the accoutrements of a successful and barren coupling.'

Apropos of nothing, Ben suddenly asked Skandar if he wanted to leave. The Words repeated that he was going to claim him, much to both agents' discomfort.

'He's a boy,' Stevius said. 'Not some sort of object. This is World One, not Calormen.'

'Seems a lot of fanbrats think ownin' someone's a good way of showin' you love 'em,' 'Ridian said dolefully.

They followed the canons through the generic grey, until they came to a halt before an inexplicable car. The pronouns were a little mangled, but Ben and Skandar managed to engage in some snogging nonetheless. For a moment, anyway.

Skandar looked at him, before kissing him with the eagerness of a teenager, hands lacing through his boyfriend’s again. “No, I want you. All of you.”

'Because of course penetrative sexual intercourse is the only way to demonstrate true and abiding love,' said Stevius, while 'Ridian snarled.

The car-ride back to Ben's flat, during which the Agents hovered in a convenient and extremely unlikely back seat in the undefined 'Italian sports car' ('Trojie was tellin' me the other day about some new four-door Lamborghini, it could be one of those, an' look at it this way, at least we don't have to run 'n chase them for charges this way,' 'Ridian had managed to say before Stevius clapped a hand over his mouth), was boring and backed by Eye of the Tiger blaring out of the radio. Bizarrely, when Ben tried to comfort Skandar and say that they didn't have to go through with the apparently somehow compulsory deflowering, Skandar assumed that as least experienced, he would bottom.

'What? Why?'

'Because the smaller man bottoms,' said Stevius wearily. 'This is how fourteen-year-old slashthors operate.'

'But ... argh.'

'I know,' Stevius said, patting him sympathetically on the arm, before noting the charge. 'It's the convention, I'm afraid. The younger man is by necessity smaller, weaker, and of a more effeminate nature than the elder. As such, he must take the role of a woman in any coupling, and be penetrated. I believe the Japanese term for it is uke.'

'I've heard of it,' 'Ridian said grimly. 'I just don't get it.'

'It's quite simple,' Stevius told him. 'The older, physically stronger partner must be dominant, and assume a more traditionally masculine role; the converse is unthinkable and abominable.'

'Like I said, I don't get it.'

Stevius shrugged. 'Perhaps it's a reaction to the liberal and tolerant world these authors had the misfortune to be born into. Aslan forbid they countenance partnerships in which both participants are equal.'

The car stopped before 'Ridian could think of any answer to that, and they slipped out cautiously as Ben opened the door for Skandar.

'Note the chivalry,' Stevius commented. 'Again, Skandar appears to be assuming the role of a delicate flower of womanhood.'

'A what?' 'Ridian asked him. 'Have you been readin' those trashy romance novels again?' Stevius had the decency to blush, and followed their quarry up into Ben's 'condo', whatever that was, instead of replying.

Inside the 'condo', Ben once again attempted to talk Skandar out of offering his virginity up as some sort of sacrifice on the altar of true love. Skandar, predictably enough, insisted he was gagging for it. 'Ridian, equally predictably, started complaining.

'He's tellin' fibs,' he announced. 'He was terrified earlier on. He's tellin' dirty great fibs and I can't work out why.'

'I'm not entirely sure,' Stevius admitted, leaning against the doorframe and watching with mild interest. 'But I suspect his being possessed may have more than a little to do with it. That and a misguided notion that surrendering one's virginity despite considerable nerves and fear is somehow romantic.'

Skandar's thoughts filled the air once more. No, it was the idea of Ben inside of him, thrusting, moving, filling him. Fear shot through his limbs and he yanked away, hands gripping Ben's bicep.

'Easy answer,' 'Ridian growled. 'Don't bottom. Honestly, it's not that hard. Or just don't go through with it, maybe, wait 'til you're feeling happier 'bout the whole thing, that's an option too ...'

Stevius had been chewing the end of his pen, but he stopped now, and frowned. 'If the boy's this nervous,' he began in a rather worried tone.

'It's goin' to hurt,' 'Ridian finished.

'Assuming they ever actually get round to it,' his partner pointed out. 'Young Mr Keynes seems determined to throw a spanner in the works.'

"I'm sorry, I'm not use to all this. Will and I were never sexually active, he was more into romantic dinners and discus-"

'Not the sexiest of things to talk about durin' foreplay,' 'Ridian agreed as Ben complained about the sudden direction the conversation had taken, i.e., due Willmo. He joined his partner in leaning against the wall and watching, but only for a moment, as Ben, without any preamble, led Skandar into his bedroom.

As soon as he saw the bed, he froze, stopping dead in his tracks.

'This does not bode well for healthy sexual relations.'


"Skan? It's okay." He gave a gentle tug on his hand.

"It's a bed."

'At a guess,' Stevius decided, as Skandar repeated this observation multiple times, 'this is a rather amateurish attempt to display the boy's nerves.'

'Frozen with fear, it looks like t' me,' 'Ridian answered, his eyes narrowing. 'If Ben doesn' spot that, he's an idiot. An' if he spots it and goes through with it anyway...'

'I think we have a clear case of dubious consent here,' Stevius agreed. 'The boy is clearly unwilling on some level, and Mr Barnes really ought to be noticing that.'

'I think he has noticed,' 'Ridian pointed out. 'He's just too horny to care.'

Skandar just mumbled something about 'beds were the pathway to AIDS and pregnancy', but Ben chose to ignore that and instead left Skandar standing in his frozen state and walked to his nightstand.

'I'm charging for the blatant disregard of some very legitimate fears,' Stevius announced, his pen moving rapidly across the notebook. 'And for causing an eighteen year old male to fear pregnancy as a result of a homosexual encounter. Mpreg does not exist in World One.' He seemed very emphatic about that. 'Ridian wondered why, given that one of their counterparts in the DBS had recently given birth to a World One mpreg child. He resolved to enquire about his partner's vehemence later.

Ben, meanwhile, had located a condom. Skandar reacted to it with something akin to terror, and also with positively criminal ignorance.

"Yeah, I've seen those. On commercials and stuff. Safe sex."

'Ridian thumped his head against the doorframe. 'They have sex education in World One!' he hissed. 'He's eighteen! How's he never seen a condom before? How?'

"I'm eighteen." Skandar whispered. "I can do this. I can do this. I can do this."

'I'm beginning to wonder if we should step in soon,' Stevius commented. 'Not only have I seen enough of young Mr Keynes to last me several lifetimes, but I also get the distinct impression he's lying to both himself and Mr Barnes.'

Before 'Ridian could react, either verbally or by leaping forth and brandishing his bell at the two men, Skandar launched himself at Ben. Kissing was involved, which was all very well and good, but there was also an unhealthy level of trembling-in-fear going on.

'This is perhaps the most peculiar case of possession I've ever seen,' Stevius said, frowning as he jotted down charge after charge.

'Yeah,' 'Ridian said, nodding and mimicking his partner's perplexed expression. 'No normal eighteen year old boy reacts to sex like this. I'm surprised he hasn't wet himself, poor kid.'

'I don't suppose you've spotted any scraps of backstory involving violent sexual assault while I've been busy with the charges?' Stevius asked, without much hope.

'Nope. The author really is that clueless about sex,' 'Ridian confirmed.

'Or else projecting her own insecurities,' Stevius pointed out.

During the somewhat uncomfortable silence that followed, Ben and Skandar dispensed with one another's clothes in short order. Skandar was still shaking like a leaf in a tornado, and Ben was still totally ignoring his fear.

'If they were married I'd call this spousal rape,' Stevius said at last. 'Ridian merely growled, fists clenching convulsively.

Then Ben said the four words Ben had been waiting for all along.

"I want you

Stevius stuck a finger in his ear and wiggled it delicately as he peered suspiciously at the Words. 'That can't be right.'

''f he's that desperate to hear 'em, why din't he say 'em sooner?'

'I suspect it was meant to be Skandar speaking. Although that raises another pertinent question: is it possible to write an OOC character out of character?'

'Ridian frowned, trying to make sense of that, so Stevius just sighed, and noted down 'incredibly and implausibly inconsistent characterisation'. After dotting the final I with a flourish, he looked up expectantly. And then looked down again, and underlined the charge three times.

He hadn't realized what he was doing until Skandar looked away in embarrassment, left completely exposed to his older boyfriend. The blush just continued to deepen until Skandar was actually shaking, his fingers curling in the bedsheets.

"I'm sorry, Skan. Please, don't be embarrassed. You're beautiful."

'What in hells is he so scared of?' 'Ridian demanded in an angry whisper.

'I don't know,' his partner said. 'And I don't know why he's so embarrassed either. I suppose some self-consciousness could arise through puberty in the public eye...'

'But he's long past squeaky voices and acne,' 'Ridian complained. 'An' he's not in public right now. He's with his boyfriend. That he's s'posed to love and trust.'

'And yet he's terrified,' Stevius mused, scribbling rapidly.

'Terrified an' consent don't go hand in hand,' 'Ridian announced. 'We're stoppin' this.'

'I'm inclined to agree,' Stevius said, eyeing the tangle of limbs on the bed. He made a final note on the charge-list, and then pocketed it, before locating their preferred canon in 'Ridian's bag - an official movie guide to Prince Caspian and a hefty leatherbound tome bearing the legend The British Yearbook of International Law. By the time he'd extricated it from the depths, events on the bed had progressed rather. He handed it to 'Ridian, and observed for a moment, before realisation dawned on them both simultaneously.

'By gods,' 'Ridian breathed, horrified, 'he's going in dry.'

'No lubrication,' Stevius said in a hollow voice, disbelief written all over his face. 'He intends to anally penetrate a virginal boy with no lubrication whatsoever.'

'Bugger this,' 'Ridian snarled, and leapt forward.

Before Ben Barnes could put his anatomy anywhere near that of Skandar Keynes, he was bopped violently across the back of the skull by 'Ridian.

'I thought we had an agreement that I dealt with the non-Keynes participants and that way you wouldn't actually cause injuries that would cause the pair of us to get into trouble?' said Stevius, catching the semi-concussed actor with difficulty and glaring at his partner, who was now trying to control a struggling Skandar.

'Don't care,' was all that 'Ridian could get out. 'Are you going to exorcise or not?' He dragged one end of the duvet over the teenager's body so that once his own mind returned he wouldn't be as traumatised as he could be by being naked in the presence of his equally naked, ten-years-older co-star. Stevius did likewise, still glaring, and fished his bell out of his pocket with the other hand.

'Avaunt, spirit of Bad Slash!' he cried in a rich and sonorous tone, drowning out the squeaks and squeals coming from under the duvet. 'It is my solemn duty as laid down by the Department of Character Protective Services of the Protectors of the Plot Continuum to banish thy presence from this world! Avaunt, dub-con, terror, and first-time angst! Avaunt, dubious lubrication! I banish the malign influence controlling these innocent men! AVAUNT!'

It took some time, but eventually the wraith, a sick, putrid-looking khaki mist, oozed out of the trembling Skandar and dozy Ben. Stevius waved the bell through it angrily, waiting for it to dissipate fully before turning his attention to getting Ben Barnes back into his clothes. 'Ridian had already got Skandar back into his trousers, and was working on talking him back into the shirt. The poor boy kept shooting looks at Ben and Stevius.

'Separate neuralysations, I think,' said Stevius. 'We'll have to take Mr Keynes back to his parents' house. There's absolutely no reason for him to be with Mr Barnes at this time of night.'

'Fair enough,' said 'Ridian. 'You take care of Ben an' I'll get Skandar fixed up. Chuck us the spare neuralyser?'

Stevius did so, looking mildly concerned about throwing a delicate piece of tech around so wantonly. 'Ridian caught it deftly and shoved it in his pocket, before hauling Skandar to his feet and eyeing him critically.

'Alright, bucko,' he said eventually. 'Come on, we'll get you home.' He opened a portal and stepped through, leaving Stevius to deal with Ben, who was starting to come round. He heard the flash of a neuralyser as the portal closed.

'What's going on?' asked Skandar, a bit groggily, as they landed in his bedroom. It was dark.

'Nothin' you need to worry about,' said 'Ridian reassuringly.

'But, Ben and I were-'

'Ssh, don't worry about it.' There was an edge of panic in the actor's voice again, so 'Ridian held out the neuralyser with alacrity. 'Just look here for a sec'.'


'You're not dating Ben Barnes,' said 'Ridian emphatically. 'Neither are you Will Moseley's ex. And whether or not you're gay or a virgin is no-one's business but your own unless you decide to tell them.'

Skandar nodded, dazed. 'Ridian ruffled his hair. 'Get some sleep,' he said, and portalled back to pick up Stevius.

'All fixed?' he asked the Faun.

'Mercifully. Get me back to HQ so I can get out of these ridiculous legs, please,' Stevius said.

'Wish granted,' grinned 'Ridian as they stepped back into RC#444 and Stevius' hooves reasserted themselves. 'Nice to have your own knees back?'

'Always,' said the Narnian agent with relief. He did a little shimmy to stretch them. It rapidly turned into a jig, and 'Ridian found himself tapping his foot in time.

'We're startin' to make a habit of this, aren't we?' he asked, as the Faun did a little two-step number over to his bunk to retrieve his pipes.

'What better way to distract us?' Stevius asked, before raising the panpipes and indicating the door with a free elbow. 'Ridian obliged, and stood aside to let his partner skip through, and then followed him through the corridors with a little dance he'd learnt back in the Blue Cat Club.

After the sixth shoe had narrowly missed Stevius's head, and the thirteenth agent had fainted clean away at the sight of 'Ridian's hip-thrusting Bowie dance, they decided perhaps the other agents were onto something with this whole Bleeprin idea, and returned to the RC to investigate this time-honoured method of brain-bleaching.
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